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“This isn't a book. It’s a roadmap. It takes you from start to finish on how deals are structured, where to get the funds, finding off-market properties, how to negotiate lower prices, renovation hacks, everything… follow this and YOU CAN’T LOSE.”

Bill Allen

Real Estate Investor, CEO of 7 Figure Flipping, CEO of Blackjack RE, Host of the 7FF Podcast, Mentor & Author, Proud Husband & Father!

More Income. More Freedom.

If you want to learn how to make money flipping and wholesaling houses...

...without risking your life savings or "working weekends" forever...

...this book is for YOU.

It'll take you from "complete beginner" to closing your first deal or even your next 10 deals without the bumps and bruises most people pick up along the way.

If you've never flipped a house before, you'll find step-by-step instructions on everything you need to know to get started.

If you're already flipping or wholesaling houses, you'll find fast-track secrets that will cut years off your learning curve and let you streamline your operations, maximize profit, do MORE deals, and work LESS.

Bill Allen

Real Estate Investor, CEO of 7 Figure Flipping, CEO of Blackjack RE, Host of the 7FF Podcast, Mentor & Author, Proud Husband & Father!

By the time you finish reading this book, you’ll know how to…

  • Find “hidden” off-market properties you can buy at a discount… no matter where you live or how competitive your market is…
  • Get funding to buy houses and renovate them without using any of your own money, without making expensive downpayments, and without bank loans…
  • Run the numbers and analyze deals “safely” so you’ve already made a profit before you buy, no matter what happens next (this takes away all the risk)...
  • ​Identify the best zip codes, neighborhoods, and cities in your area to target for maximum profit potential and long term gains…
  • Speak intelligently about every step of the real estate investing process so you can get your spouse on board, network with other investors, and bring in partners…
  • Choose the real estate investing strategy that fits your personality, your goals, and your time constraints (whether you want to do this full-time or on the side)...
  • ​Negotiate with sellers to get houses under contract on your terms, at the price you need, while still making sure sellers walk away happy (and feeling like you’ve helped them)...
  • ​...and a lot more.

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The process I walk you through in this book is the same one I’ve taught to HUNDREDS of investors inside my 7 Figure Flipping mastermind groups!

This book is everything I've learned in 7+ years as a real estate investor, running a wholesaling and house flipping company doing close to 200 deals per year and earning millions in annual profit.

This stuff is PROVEN.

It's worked for me and for 100's of members of the 7 Figure Flipping mentoring groups we run, all across the US and Canada... and even overseas.

If you're ready to massively accelerate your house flipping or wholesaling deal flow with just a few small tweaks, or follow a step-by-step process to start making money part-time or full-time in real estate...

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"This isn't like any other house flipping book. It will change your life!"

"...will change your life."
Tyler Jensen
Owner of Utah House Flip
Creator & Star of the 7-Day Flip
"This is a must-read!"
Arianne Lemire
7-Figure Real Estate Investor
Owner of Glast Heim Home Buyers
"A masterpiece..."
Terry Burger
Expert House Flipper
Owner of Nice Guys Buying Houses

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Follow a proven path to launch and grow your house flipping or wholesaling business... whether you're a complete beginner or a current investor!

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Turn what you learn into ACTION with the step-by-step digital "Flight Plan" Handbook... filled with exercises to help you apply everything in the book!

Off-Market Deals Starter Pack

Get access to 3 Off-Market "Niche Lists" to Target, 5 Things You Can Do to Get Sellers to Say "Yes!" & A Hyper-Local Marketing Tracker

Get The Book For Free!

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"This isn't like any other house flipping book. It will change your life!"

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Sneak Peek: a Few of the Things You'll Learn in This Book, by the Numbers...

  • PAGE 61: 8 mistakes house flippers make (#2 cost me $70,000 on a bad flip, and #6 cost my friend Tyler Jensen $37,000 on his first flip)...
  • PAGE 49: 7 wholesaling mistakes that will stop you from EVER closing a deal (most investors never figure out #4)...
  • PAGE 143: 7 things to bring to every seller appointment…
  • PAGE 149: 3 “smoke screens” sellers put up that make it IMPOSSIBLE to get contracts signed (every investor runs into these at some point but most don’t even know it)...
  • PAGE 55: 2 house flipping myths that KILL deals and eat your profit (learn how to avoid these 2 things and you’ll be lightyears ahead of other investors before you even begin)...
  • PAGE 93: 5 ways to get off-market sellers to call you…
  • PAGE 34: The #1 reason real estate investors FAIL…
  • PAGE 173: 3 funding sources you can use to cover ALL the costs of your deals, without using your own cash or taking out bank loans…
  • PAGE 206: 1 quick tip that could add 100s of buyers to your buyers list within just a few hours (even if you’re moving into a new market where you don’t know ANYONE)…
  • PAGE 13: The “silent transaction” we’re all making every day (whether we know it or not) and how it’s destroying our lives…
  • PAGE 62: 4 reasons you SHOULDN’T flip high-end houses…
  • PAGE 150: 4 word tracks to use when a seller says they “need to think about it” or “need more time” before signing the contract…
  • PAGE 24: 7 things people get WRONG about real estate investing (these will keep you stuck in confusion forever instead of taking action)...
  • PAGE 123: 4 hidden costs that will kill your profit unless you plan for them in advance (most new investors are surprised when they see these)...
  • PAGE 224: How my library card almost cost me $600,000 (yes, this is a true story, and there’s an important lesson in it for real estate investors)...
Andy McFarland, Owner of Enlight Homebuyers, Real Estate Investor and Mentor
Andy McFarland
Real Estate Investor & Mentor, One of the Nation's Top Wholesalers, Owner of Enlight Homebuyers
"...I have the time and financial freedom most people only dream of. Want to know how? Read this book. This book is an easy-to-read, no-nonsense, step-by-step blueprint to building a real estate investing business that serves YOU!"

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"This isn't like any other house flipping book. It will change your life!"

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(Just Pay $7.95 for Shipping!)

"This isn't like any other house flipping book. It will change your life!"

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